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About Swapcard Academy

You can become an event tech expert in virtual, hybrid and in-person events using the Swapcard platform, anytime, from anywhere.

We'll teach you how to create opportunities for meaningful encounters among your attendees and exhibitors, wherever they are. Become data-driven, learn how to measure your client's events success and become a certified Swapcard reseller, all in one place.

Our Trainings

Event Studio Training
Learn how to use Swapcard for your events

Join our most popular courses and become an event expert!

Estimated duration 60-90 minutes

How to become a Swapcard Partner

Join our courses and become a Swapcard partner in no time!

Project Management Certification Track

This track is intended only for partners or team members who will be managing full-time event projects using Swapcard on behalf of their clients. It is mandatory to sign up and complete all courses in this track to be eligible for the certification test.

For a simplified version of “How to use Swapcard”,
we recommend that you attend our  Studio Training.

Project Manager Certification Test

You need to have attended the full Project Manager Certification Track to be able to do this test.

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What they say about

"As a virtual project manager I want to be 100% confident with the event platform I am using on my projects.
Swapcard Academy gave me the opportunity to fully understand all the functionalities & solutions I could provide to my clients.

I strongly encourage all users to go through the academy !"

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